Content Marketing for Language Schools and Tutoring Companies

Korinne Algie, a digital marketing specialist for language schools.

LearnCube's CEO, Alex Asher, asks Korinne important questions about online content marketing for education providers.

Together they answer: - What is content marketing? @3:26 - What is the difference between content and content marketing? - How often should I post? - How much do I need to invest? - What kind of content works for education providers? - What is the difference between advertising and content marketing? @ 9:28) - How to build a content marketing strategy? @11:20 - What free tools can you use to measure results? - How often should I monitor results and how do I interpret this? 23:53 - When should I post? 38:23 - How often should I post? @43:45 - How do I create a consistent company brand online through social media and content marketing? Any practical tips? @ 44:40 - Which social media platforms should I post on? @38:23 - How can you build your personal or company personality online? @55:50

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Remember, content marketing is a long-term investment. It can pay huge, ongoing dividends in terms of attracting students to your organisation & website but it takes a clear strategy, time and consistent posting online. The good thing is that it does not actually a lot of money, expensive tools or a budget for a professional to manage ads for you.

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