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Online School Software Update | LearnCube November 2020 | LearnCube Blog

It has been a big month for LearnCube with the release of the new version of the Online School now made available to almost all of our Online School customers. 

We completely refreshed user interface, fixed many reported bugs, improved page-loading times and have five new free and paid features that you can request to test: 

Please get in touch if you'd like any or all of these activated for your school.

New! ESL content for Young Learners

Young Learner content is geared towards teaching English to children aged 4-8 and 8-11 years. Click here for more detail and a table of contents.

Search the premium library for "Young Learners" or contact us if you're interested in using the content in your virtual classroom and school.

Training Videos for Online School Administrators

View our recently launched series of short videos teaching administrators how to manage an online school. Each video is short and to-the-point, helping admins to quickly get the information they need.

LearnCube is on Udemy!

Training teachers on how to teach effectively online can be challenging and we're here to help. 

In addition to a wide range of videos available on our YouTube channel, your teachers can complete a free Udemy course to learn how to use the Virtual Classroom.

Join our upcoming live webinars

Each week, Alex (our CEO) and Herbert Gerzer (digital marketing expert for educators) meet to answer questions on marketing and business strategy. 

If you can't make one, don't worry, still register and we will send you a recording of the session. You can see many of our more recent webinars here.

You'll be able to register from our support widget in your Dashboard once you login to your platform.


Be notifed of our new materials!

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