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Refreshed Virtual Classroom | February 2021 | LearnCube Blog

We've added some exciting new features to the Virtual Classroom.

LearnCube's aim has always been to provide teachers, trainers and tutors with a professional, reliable and simple to use platform. 

Our latest changes to the LearnCube WhiteboardVirtual Classroom and Online School, due to be rolled out in February, will enrich the learning/teaching experience and help teachers teach more efficiently and effectively.

Details below, and a video here, taking you through the updates.

Helping you teach more effectively online in the classroom

You want to spend your time teaching, so we've continued to ensure that the Virtual Classroom lets you do that. In fact, it's just got even easier. Here's how:
  • Students will see you type on the interactive whiteboard in real-time and vice versa.
  • You can use keyboard shortcuts inside of the LearnCube Virtual Classroom:
    • ctrl/cmd -x = cut
    • ctrl/cmd -c = copy
    • ctrl/cmd -v = paste
    • ctrl-z or cmd-z = undo 
  • Copy and paste content on the online whiteboard using keyboard shortcuts
  • You can drag and drop files onto the whiteboard, as well as to the new file uploader available on the bottom-right of the class:

  • Links in PDF files are now clickable. Depending on the format of the link, they'll either open in another whiteboard or in another browser tab.
  • When adding YouTube content, you'll be able to use text to search for videos through the platform, instead of just using a link:

  • You can now find a straight line tool, as well as a Star stamp.

Interface Improvements

You might notice things look a little different. We've designed our latest version of the Virtual Classroom to be more intuitive and we're confident you'll like the result.

  • To make it faster and simpler for teachers to access the two most commonly used features, Content Library & Screen share, buttons to the bottom right of the classroom:

  • Whiteboard tab titles are editable (just double click on the tab and hit enter once you're happy with it):

  • Refresh whiteboard button - if the whiteboard is appearing out of sync for any participants, you can instantly reload the last saved version:

  • Notifications have been added, for example, if you're uploading a file that's too big and is likely to impact performance you’ll receive an alert letting you know:

  • Text chat during onboarding - participants will now be able to contact the teacher during their equipment checks before entering the online class:

Thanks for reading and happy teaching!

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