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LearnCube & the 'Love Tutoring Festival' 2021 | LearnCube Blog

The Love Tutoring Festival is a celebration of tutoring in all its forms with open discussions, keynote presentations, practical demos and CPD-accredited workshops. 

When is it? Monday 28th June to Friday 2nd July 2021

Who is speaking? Find the full schedule here

How is it delivered? Online

How much is a ticket? Free

If you would like to join any of the CPD-accredited workshops you can get a special 21% discount, using the code LEARNCUBE21 at checkout.

How is LearnCube involved? LearnCube exists to improve the quality of online tutoring, so when we heard about the 'Love Tutoring Festival' we wanted to provide as much support as we could.

Whether you're an independent tutor or an agency leader, you'll have plenty of opportunities to listen, share and connect.  You can read more about the upcoming Festival below.

Register now.

We interviewed Ludo Millar, one of the key organisers of the Festival, more about the event...

LearnCube: Can you tell us more about the Love Tutoring Festival and World Tutors' Day?


Ludo: The Love Tutoring Festival will bring together tutors, tutor-support services, teachers, educationalists, coaches and entrepreneurs from around the world (genuinely, we have all 6 continents represented!). Across 5 days of online events, ranging from expert demonstrations to participant-led workshops to keynote presentations from experts and thought-leaders in the field, we aim to give tutors of all levels and ages the opportunity to meet, connect, contribute, learn and leave with a sense of fulfilment and renewed optimism.


Our fremium ticket model allows for tutors to join us for free (for 28 events) but also access all 6 of our famous CPD-accredited workshops for the cut price of only £68 (and LearnCube tutors and followers can access a special 21% discount, using the code LEARNCUBE21 at checkout).


Come for the free ticket, stay for the CPD accreditation!


World Tutors’ Day is tied in with the final day of the Festival, Friday 2nd July. Throughout the day, we will be hosting events that aim to honour the work that tutors do, both across the days of the Festival but also every single day. 


World Tutors’ Day is not a one-off. This is an idea that may already be beyond Qualified Tutor - we’ve launched an open-access thank your tutor form at that allows anyone in the world to leave a special thank you note to their tutor(s). 


But we want you to be more involved than that.


On July 2nd, Lucy Spencer, Founder of the Education Boutique, will be taking part in a (we think) world-first 24hr Tutor-thon. To be involved yourself, we ask you all to log any and all tutoring sessions you have during those 24 hours in our unique International Tutoring Tracker (webpage coming soon …)


Over the 24 hours, we will be able to log thousands of hours of tutoring happening across the globe, demonstrating the international nature of tutoring in today’s industry. Be part of something special and something truly global.



LearnCube: What can tutors expect to take from the Festival? 


Ludo: The culture of the Festival will be one of inclusivity, wellbeing, professional development and, more than perhaps anything else, participation. We want all attendees to leave with a sense of solidarity and connection with fellow tutors and educators. 


The structure of many of the events provides for collaboration and discussion. With breakout rooms and plenary sessions built into the content, you’ll have the chance to have your voice heard while learning alongside like-minded professionals.


Of course, there’s an event for (almost) every tutor. 


If you’re an ex-teacher turned tutor, we recommend the Wednesday morning For Teachers who Tutor CPD-accredited workshop (The CPD Certification Service is the recognised Continuing Professional Development body in the UK and you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion shortly after the Festival).


If you’re looking to get into tutoring a Special Educational Needs & Disabilities student or you’d like a refresher, we have events lined up for dyslexia, dyscalculia, chronic disengagement and more on the Monday (28th June).


And if you’d like to find out more about the tutoring cultures, norms and market-drivers in India, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, the US and more, then our International Tutoring Roundtable on Friday 2nd July at 2pm BST will go a long way to opening your eyes to these huge tutoring markets.


All tickets can be explored and registered for here.



LearnCube: What will make this Festival such a unique event?

Ludo: Attendees will leave with a (renewed) sense of optimism about who tutors are, how they work and what they can achieve. As someone interested in tutoring (as I hope you are), there are clear benefits to this.

With hundreds of tutors coming together and sharing in a curious and supportive culture, imagine the positive energy that will be spread back to the hundreds, if not thousands, of students who work with Festival tutors every day, week, month and year.

With so many opportunities to meet tutors from around the world, we hope to inspire hundreds of global connections. Connected by the Internet but powered by a local feel, we are offering the unique opportunity to link up with tutors both next door to you and halfway across the world, in an explosion of tutoring partnerships.

But most of all, we hope to help you find greater enjoyment in your tutoring.

Whether through an enriched professional outlook, a larger and more profound network of fellow professionals or simply the confidence to take that next step, we hope that each attendee can leave the Festival admitting, openly or in secret, that they do, truly, Love Tutoring.

Register for a ticket and see you there.


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