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Get rewarded! Join LearnCube's referral program | LearnCube Blog

LearnCube's referral programme allows you to share a unique link to your network and get rewarded when they upgrade to one of our subscription plans.

How does it work?

We use Rewardful to manage our referral programme. When you sign up on the Rewardful platform, you'll be given a unique link to share with your network. When anyone using that link clicks on it, they'll be directed to the LearnCube site and be cookied on the LearnCube site for 60 days. 

If your referral signs up during that time and subscribes to a LearnCube plan, you will earn 10% of their first year with us.

You'll be able to track your referrals and rewards in your Rewardful account.

To get started, sign up via today!


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