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Teaching ESL Online in China and Stung By New Chinese Regulations? Want To Start Your Own Online Teaching Business? | LearnCube Blog

Last month, new regulations have upended the future of tutoring and language learning in China. For-profit tutoring in core education in China has been banned in order to improve school-life balance for families. Firms cannot hire staff, teachers or tutors based outside of China to tutor students inside of mainland China. 

So what does that mean for the thousands of tutoring agencies & language schools and the hundreds of thousands of foreign teachers that work for them?

The leading tutoring & language teaching providers in China have all announced drastic changes in their operations and/or have discontinued their contracts. VIPKidfor example, initially announced it would stop selling foreign-based tutoring to students in China to comply with the new rules and later, on the 25th of August announced that even pre-scheduled classes would be cancelled. It's current advice is that after August 31, VIPKid teachers would only be able to work with those students located outside of Mainland China. 

This is a huge blow for those teachers relying on this work so if you have been affected by this massive shock, you are not alone. 

However, many online ESL teachers are now using this as an opportunity to start their own online tutoring businesses. With so much regulation in China, many of those teachers are also looking at markets outside of China. 

LearnCube can help you with both the tools and know-how for you to start your own business.

Starting with a virtual classroom & online school platform for tutors & language teachers:

  • If you’re an individual teacher looking for a professional virtual classroom, signup for a free trial of our virtual classroom here .
  • If you’re a solopreneur with the goal of starting your own independent business, find out about our new Online School Lite solution here

  • If you’re an online language school looking to grow your business, learn more about our Online School here
LearnCube can also help you with marketing your venture. If you're looking for good advice on how to market your new business, start with our 'Get More Students' podcast focused on solving just this problem.


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