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LearnCube Premium Language Content Update | January 2022 | LearnCube Blog

We’re working on a few changes and exciting additions to LearnCube Premium Content this year. We will improve our current lesson materials in English, add some new French 🇫🇷,  and also offer training & tips to teachers.

New Naming Convention

We regularly update our curriculum to offer our customers the best ESL materials possible, making the units more comprehensive, innovative, and engaging every time. You might have noticed a few changes on some of our English language units already.

We're now leaving the previous file versions for a month as part of the premium curriculum to give our teachers time to adjust to these changes. 

We want to help with an easy transition, so we are introducing a new naming convention for the previous versions of the language materials, which will now contain "(prev)" as part of the file names to make them easy to identify on the search box.

TIP: Always plan your classes with the more recent versions to take advantage of the modifications and enrich your lessons!

Answer Keys to LearnCube Premium Content

After receiving many teacher requests, we are now working on providing Answer Keys for our online English lessons.

We have completed them for some units already, so please reach out if you'd be interested in having them. 



If your subscription does not include our LearnCube ESL materials, but you want to learn about them, please click here to get an introduction about them.

French content! Ooh la la! 

Our biggest addition this year: We will be soon introducing French materials for your online classes!

Our customers will be able to use Premium French lessons specifically designed for teaching in the LearnCube Virtual Classroom




Initially, we will introduce the French materials in our main ‘Premium Content Library’. During this initial release, at least for the first 3-months, existing subscribers will not face any extra charge for the additional French materials.

Beyond the introductory stage, and once the Content Library feature has been updated, this will likely change to enable users to subscribe to one or more Premium Content Libraries (for example, English and French).

To provide some more context, the key focus for our development team for Q1 of 2022 is to massively enhance and improve our existing content library feature. Aside from making it more user-friendly, easy to navigate and faster loading, it will provide the possibility for multiple “LearnCube Content Libraries”.

Multiple premium content libraries will open up the opportunity for LearnCube to provide a wider range of content, including from well-loved publishers, and means that you will also be able to choose to subscribe to one or more LearnCube Content Libraries e.g. English or English and French or All. We have not confirmed pricing but it will likely involve simple plans and discounts for those who would like more than one paid library.

We will keep you in the loop :)


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