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LearnCube French Content Update | February 2022

We're thrilled to announce that French teaching materials have finally landed in the LearnCube Virtual Classroom! 🙌

We've been offering English language content on LearnCube for over 2 years, and we're now opening up to other languages. We've listened to your feedback, and have been working particularly hard to make French content available through LearnCube's Virtual Classroom and Online School software

Many of our customers have found a shortage of high-quality French-language content online. The content available online is so often outdated, made for in-person classes (a completely different use case) or incompatible with a virtual classroom. We're aiming to solve this, with interactive, engaging and structured content that will save you time and make your lessons clearer and more engaging.

LearnCube will provide a comprehensive French curriculum, based on the CEFR (Common European Framework) and designed to cover everything that a learner (A1 to C1) would need. We already have A1 up and running in our premium content library, with the rest following soon.

This means you will soon have access to world-class, modern content that's made for teaching French online. If you're teaching multiple languages then this will ensure you're offering a consistent and harmonious experience to students.

How to Access French Teaching Content on LearnCube

Once you're inside the LearnCube Virtual Classroom, you can access language content in your library with just a few clicks. Start by clicking on 'Lesson Materials' in the bottom right of the online interactive whiteoard, then search 'Fr', and you will be able to browse through all of the French materials.

All of our language content includes introductions, initial exercises, grammar rules, interactive exercises, and more...

Our content is particularly skewed towards helping learners improve their spoken French, but we also have written exercises that can be used in the class or for homework. All of this aligns with the CEFR. 

One thing to note is that LearnCube offers a 'competency-based curriculum'. This means that by the end of each unit the student should have gained the skills for which that unit covered.

Click below to watch Alex Asher, CEO of LearnCube, take you through (New) LearnCube French content from the Virtual Classroom.






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