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Introducing the LearnCube GMS Community | LearnCube Blog

Are you a tutor struggling to grow your business?

Click here to join the Get More Students (GMS) Community, or read below to find out more about this unique opportunity to expand your network and build confidence in marketing your tutoring or language business!

What is the 'Get More Students' Community?

The 'Get More Students' Community is a network for tutors and language teachers who run their own tutoring businesses. 

The community is completely free to join and engage positively with your peers. You will also have access to free practical marketing advice, resources and tips from experts that support the community.

Why Join Today?

Marketing, and getting more students, is the number one challenge facing tutors, teachers and education business owners. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed, bogged down with options and stuck with how to market your business.

These are three tangible benefits of joining the community.

Get Practical Marketing Advice

  • Your hosts will provide valuable marketing resources that you can apply to your business whether it be choosing the right niche, channel, tool or partner.

  • We equip tutors and tutoring businesses with the skills they need to build a viable, vibrant business through our online community and resources including podcasts, courses, and live webinars. 

Belong to a Supportive Community 

  • Edupreneurs who are tutoring or teaching online will have similar challenges and learning needs. The Get More Students Community gives you a forum to share and discuss these topics while building your professional network.

  • The biggest gap for tutors is not in their understanding of their subject, but in understanding how to create and grow a viable business. This gap is what 'Get More Students' aims to fill.

Get First Access to Marketing Workshops 

  • We run regular, small-group, marketing workshops that focus on important themes for growing a business.

What is Expected of Me?

A community is only as active as its members. We have no demands other than that you respect others in the community and be genuinely supportive. One thing we can say is that the more you are open, support others and participate, the more value you will receive.

Is 'Get More Student's a Not-For-Profit?

'Get More Students' is managed by unpaid volunteers. All administrative costs are covered by sponsorship and some paid activities. We donate and distribute 100% of all proceeds to support high-quality tutoring around the world. 

How We Started?

Alex Asher, CEO of LearnCube, and Herbert Gerzer, an online school marketing consultant, started providing free marketing webinars in early 2020 as Covid-19 started disrupting learners and tutors previously unfamiliar with online tutoring.

This evolved into monthly webinars and bi-weekly podcasts with contributions from tutoring and education experts. The next stage is to build a library of quality, highly practical online resources and tutoring business courses that allow tutors and edupreneurs, just like you, to learn on their own. 

How is LearnCube Involved?

LearnCube is the key sponsor for the activities of 'Get More Students'. Why? LearnCube provides a virtual classroom, platform and suite of software solutions for tutoring and education businesses but we recognise that technology alone cannot guarantee the success of our users, customers, and stakeholders in the tutoring sector. 

LearnCube and Get More Students share a common vision - To improve the quality of and access to online tutoring across the world. Both organisations recognise that the more vibrant, viable and diverse the online tutoring sector is, the more likely it is that we can achieve our goals.

Join the conversation now, and register here for the Get More Students Community!



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