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How Does LearnCube Stack Up Against Google Meet For Tutoring Online?

LearnCube is a professional Virtual Classroom made specifically to enable high-quality online tutoring and language education.


In this video, LearnCube CEO, Alex Asher, talks through the differences between using the LearnCube Virtual Classroom and Google Meet.



Don’t have time to watch the video? 

Here’s a handy summary below, in the order they’re discussed in the video.




Google Meet

Designed specifically for tutoring


All-in-one system with scheduling, attendance, payments and reporting. 


No sign in or downloads required 

Video and audio is delivered through the web browser

Video recording

Manage the cameras and microphones of your students


Different class layout options (e.g. full-screen view, conversation mode, whiteboard only) 


Screen share

Chat function in the class

Chat can translate text


Whiteboard is integrated with the class


Wide range of tools on the whiteboard, including math tools


Students and teachers can interact and write, draw, or type on the shared screen


Navigate to a student’s location in the classroom


Identify who wrote annotations and text


Brand your classroom with your own professional branding


Calendar showing availability, which students can view and self-enrol in a class


Pre-loaded class materials


Can upload your own materials to a central library for all of your teachers to use


Annotations from the class are saved


Students can rate the classroom and teacher at the end of each class


Credit system to manage how many classes a student can do


Teacher management system, including permissions to protect your database 


Assign and review homework


Note: As of 27 March 2023, Google Meet chat messages are deleted at the end of each class.

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