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Myth Busting: Could Your Tutoring Business Benefit From TikTok?

When it comes to advertising your language or tutoring business, most of us are aware of the power social media can have in influencing people to invest in your service. 


Across many of the platforms we are familiar with, such as Facebook and Instagram, they have become so saturated with users and businesses that organic business growth is very limited. You have to pay if you want to really push your content to people who aren’t following you. 


But what if there was another platform where organic growth was still possible, your content was pushed to potential leads, and you were able to expand your community and audience naturally? 


Over the past two years, TikTok has seen unprecedented growth - reaching over 1 billion users far quicker than any other social media platform. 


As more and more businesses join the platform, let’s bust some popular myths.


Could now be the time to utilise this app to boost engagement, sales, and exposure of your language or tutoring business?

Myth no.1 TikTok is a dancing app


So first off, what is TikTok, and if you already have Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc… why would you want to sign up for more social media to advertise your business?


Well, whilst TikTok started off with dancing videos, the global lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic saw the app explode in popularity as creators turned to sharing tips and tricks of their former day jobs. 2020 saw the app’s ‘For You’ page fill with cooking tips from chefs, revision tips from teachers, and exercise routines from personal trainers.


Now you can share videos up to three minutes long, and there are hundreds of businesses using the app to push content, find leads and increase their sales. 


What sets the app aside from other social media platforms is the ‘For You page, where your feed contains videos that your algorithm thinks you’ll be interested in - so if you’re checking out tutoring videos, or competitors’ pages to see who is sharing the best language or tutoring content, you’ll be pushed relevant videos like that. 


Similarly, if you’re creating relevant language or tutoring content, this will be shown to other people who may be interested in your tutoring business - and connect with you so you can interact with them as potential leads.


Myth no.2 TikTok is not a serious platform 


Whilst TikTok may not have started out attracting the same users as sites such as LinkedIn, the platform is being increasingly used by big businesses from the education and tutoring sector. 


Babbel and Duolingo have TikTok accounts, as do universities across the globe including Harvard in the US and Cambridge in the UK. 


TikTok is also popular among individual teachers and tutors who use the platform to find students, push content, and link their other business services and websites. 


AdobeStock_315070128 1 (2)


Myth no.3 TikTok is just for teenagers 


TikTok is increasingly being used by older generations as more businesses join the platform, not to mention there are several members of the older generation who already have millions of followers as they make videos around their various niches.

stylish-millennial-woman-working-on-tablet-in-cowo-2021-09-04-08-16-20-utc 1

Want to learn more?


If you’re interested in learning more about TikTok and how it can benefit your language or tutoring business, check out our Get More Students podcast episode on getting started with TikTok for tutoring companies and language schools.


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