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Online vs In Person: Should We Continue To Tutor Online?


With the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic (hopefully) behind us, tutoring and other services are gradually migrating from completely online, to in-person classes. 

But just like shopping for Christmas and booking appointments with the doctor, is tutoring one of those services that are better delivered online? 

We’ve rounded up 5 key benefits that might just have you sticking to your online whiteboard for tutoring, rather than hurrying back to the physical classroom.


  • Time efficient for both student and tutor

Online tutoring can be done from the comfort of the tutor and students’ respective homes. This means that not only are commute times out of the equation, but as a tutor, you can help an increased number of students reach their learning goals. 

A 3-hour time block could see you delivering 3 x 45-minute sessions to students or 3 separate classes. In contrast, with in-person tutoring you could easily have an hour’s commute each way, meaning a 3-hour time block enables to you teach only one student or one class.


  • Ability to have a record, and the class can be accessed after the session ends

Whilst people may say students are less distracted in a physical classroom, teaching via an online whiteboard allows students to review and recap lessons, even after they’ve finished. 

With virtual whiteboards such as LearnCube’s, you can record and store lessons from within the virtual classroom. These can then be easily used for revision for the student, or gone back over to cover difficult content they were challenged with during the initial lesson.


  • Access to world-class tutoring, wherever you are

When it comes to language tutoring, access to top-quality tutors from any location is a significant benefit.

For example, if you have a student in the US or UK who wants to learn french but has no native french teachers in their town, they will not receive as much of an authentic experience learning in person without a native french speaker.

Instead, online tutoring enables students to receive tutoring from a native teacher from France online in the virtual classroom. And in virtual classrooms with online whiteboards, such as LearnCube’s, the teacher is able to bring authentic french phrases, spelling, and grammar right onto the students’ screen. 


  • Unlimited resources available for the virtual classroom / online whiteboard

Stuck in a physical classroom and you’ve forgotten resources or a student asks a question you can’t answer?

In the virtual classroom, you have a wealth of resources at your fingertips via the internet or the online whiteboard. 

Many online whiteboards like LearnCube’s have built-in resources, but you can also instantly upload any additional materials you may need midway through the lesson so the student and the teacher can look at them together. 


  • Increased accessibility and equal opportunities 

This is a highlight of online learning that we don’t think is shouted about enough!

No matter your physical restrictions or the quality of tutoring in your physical vicinity, anyone is able to access a virtual classroom as long as they have access to the internet. Barriers such as transport, accessibility arrangements, and even issues such as anxiety are alleviated with online tutoring as neither the student nor teacher needs to leave their own home. 


So what’s your preference? 

Do you want to fully return in person, take a hybrid approach or stick to remote tutoring? 

Whichever you decide, platforms such as LearnCube’s can make your decisions easier when it comes to tutoring.

Check out how our online whiteboard for tutoring works.

Happy teaching!


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