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Teachers Of LearnCube: Manisha Sahdev

Manisha Sahdev started her career in the education business in 2013. She worked her way up to become the head of Economics at her School. She now runs her own successful tutoring business in England. IXL Tutors specialises in Economics, Business, Math, Science, and English tutoring.


Manisha Sahdev Online School owner


What's your story about becoming a teacher?


"I started teaching in London in 2013, completed my teacher training and NQT year in London then applied for a subject specialist job for Economics closer to home. I spent six years at my next school in Milton Keynes and worked my way up to head of Economics. Whilst there, I started face-to-face tutoring for local students. I began receiving requests for online tutoring, so I relinquished the department's head and continued teaching part-time. Left teaching in schools in March 2021, and now I have 15 tutors across Primary and Secondary subjects working for my company."


What is your niche?


"Tutoring Economics, Business, Maths, Science and English. My company has specialist groups also for Year 6 SATS. We mainly offer 1:1 tutoring but are expanding our small groups."


What's your favourite thing about being a teacher?


"The variety of each day, and always learning new things."


Virtual Classroom online teaching

How would you describe your teaching style?  




Can you think of a unique experience you had as an online teacher?


"I appreciate the opportunity to travel and continue teaching students from all over the country."


What are valuable tips and tricks you've learned from your experience teaching online that changed the way you're approaching classes now?


"Plan a range of activities, find out what the student wants to look at before the lesson, use two screens to make it easier to have things like answers in front of you, and always carry a calculator."


What advice would you give a new teacher/tutor to help them start their own online teaching business?

"You will have peaks and troughs in revenue, so consider this when planning your finances."

Is there anything else you'd like us to know and share with our community? 

"Have fun with it. We run hybrid lessons also using LearnCube, so think about how the platform can work for you!"


Manisha’s school is IXLTurors, and you can reach out to her through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

This series focuses on highlighting some of our valued teachers' stories. LearnCube has incredible educators from around the globe using our virtual classroom software daily. By sharing their experiences, we hope to inspire many more to start and grow their businesses.

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