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Virtual Classroom and Online School platform updates - May 2021 | LearnCube Blog

We've made some changes to the Virtual Classroom and Online School platform.

Content Library and screen sharing

Following on from our changes made in February, and to make it faster and simpler for teachers to access the two most commonly used features,  Content Library & Screen share, we've added buttons to the bottom right of the virtual classroom and removed access from the settings on the right:


Don't forget, you can   drag and drop files   onto the whiteboard, as well as to the new file uploader available on the bottom-right of the class:


Improvements to recording

If you're one of our customers using the recording feature on the Online School platform, updates include:
  • Being able to specify an online class to be recorded when creating the online classroom. This means it'll be automatically recorded unless the teacher disabled the recording when entering the class (they are notified that it's recorded).
  • An alert letting you know that the recording is being processed. Depending on the length of the recording, it can take some time for our video provider to process and compile a recording.

Adding a student's birth date

Online School platform admins can now add student's birth dates to their students profile page.

Calendar integration

Online School platform teachers and admins can now add their classes to their calendar apps. Read more on this support article.

Learning Analytics

When viewing a class review, you'll see a new tab next to QOC called Learning Analytics. This is a first release of a feature we're building out over time that will give you more information and data on particular classes. At the moment, the analytics will give you the amount of talk time and whiteboard interactions by each participant in the class. Read more on this support article.
Included in this release are also bug fixes and tweaks geared towards making our software better and more user-friendly.
Happy teaching!

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