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Virtual Classroom and Online School platform updates - August 2021

We've made some changes to the Virtual Classroom and Online School platform.

LearnCube Whiteboard & Virtual Classroom Software

Following on from our improvements in February and May, we've released:

  • The translations for Romanian now available in the virtual classroom.

  • Improvements to the look of the language switcher in the top-right of the class.

  • We've had reports of some teachers unable to use the cross, tick and star symbols in the classroom. These edge cases have been solved and users still experiencing the issue should try clearing their cache.

  • We've made tweaks to the text editing tool to make it more user-friendly.


Online School Software

Following on from our improvements in February and May, we've released:

  • We've created two areas to add notes to a student profile when editing a student:
    • Admin notes (viewable by Admins and Staff only) and
    • Teacher notes (viewable by Admin, Staff and Teachers).
    • Watch this video to learn more
  • We have added two levels for Online School customers: US school levels and levels 1-25.

  • The look of the language switcher in the top-right of the school has been improved to enable more languages in the future.

  • Cancelled classes no longer appear in a student's past class list to reduce clutter or potential confusion.

  • Enrolling a student in a demo class no longer requires a credit.

  • There were occasional reports of students having a second credit deducted for an already-booked class when entering the class. This has been resolved.

  • Students searching for teachers to book classes using filters would sometimes see other teachers in the filtered results. This has been resolved.

  • There were reports of some students able to book a 1-hour class in the last half-hour of availability when booking classes via a teacher's calendar availability. This should no longer happen.


Other general changes:

  • We added Young Learner exam units to ESL content.


Of course, we're constantly improving LearnCube behind-the-scenes to improve usability and performance.


Thanks for your ongoing support and if you're in the northern hemisphere, hope you're having a great summer!


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